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Techniques one at Dental Insurance Michigan the beginning of treatment the second one to be twelve weeks later and the third one to be twelve weeks later now when we are perforating and Dental Insurance Michigan we’re taking advantage of the space between the roots so basically you’re looking to deliver.

Dental Insurance Michigan
Dental Insurance Michigan

As many micro stereo perforation sites as you can some inter proximal sites will allow one some will allow three they can be in a straight line they can be in a triangle formation anything that the site allows is terrific now .

The iconoclast response will be measured anywhere from six to ten millimeters so when you’re when you’re performing let’s say micro stereo perforation between teeth five and six will go with the the upper right quadrant five and sixes are premolar and canines say if.

We’ve performed my cross through perforation there six to ten millimeters is one to two teeth medial and distal so you have a response that’s registered past the one single tooth the good news about that six to ten millimeter range is that you do not need to put a perforation between every single root.

Most of the cases we’re treating because obviously we’re performing orthodontics there’s crowding and overlap and roots that are too close in proximity to get that one point six millimeter diameter between so we’re not interested in perforating between every single tooth even if we can get every other or every second or third tooth involved