Super Useful Tips To Improve Dentemax

Tips To Improve Dentemax

All the mental healthcare visits we eliminate Dentemax  co-pays for the majority of the preventive care such as health branding health screenings etc from TRICARE select we’re now focusing also on value a value based value based care based care so.

We have some pilots to that end what value-based means is we’re looking now for our contractors to pick we’re paying our contractors for quality not volume so currently you know we the majority of healthcare industry if the outcome is based on.

The throughput versus the quality of the actual individuals health so with a few pilots that were working there and hope hope to over the over the long term implement that across sections of the network and in our enterprise considering.

We’re also considering more complementary and alternative #twitter treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic which you know we’ve got a lot of questions about.

we’re allowing now concurrent hospice and curative care for children which has been a big issue for some families expanding many hours at unlimited diversion care without referrals and  could go on.

But I mean that’s just a taste of kind of where we’re headed they’re trying to improve and enhance the benefit one thing I mentioned it may not be as as relevant to this crowd but I’ll just quickly mention it is with all these changes there’s no changes to TRICARE for life I know most of the folks here