How to Get Ameritas dental network

That Ameritas dental network implants perfect position right behind the incision edge of the letter and sizes and here you can use some other kind Ameritas dental network of probe which is not as dangerous to damage the nasal floor but remember we still have a little bone left so now.

Ameritas dental network
Ameritas dental network
  • We use austere tomes with a diameter of five of four point three so the implant diameter and lift the nasal floor just by a millimeter or one and.
  • A half millimeters just to be able to have the implants stabilized by the very compact bone of .
  • The nasal floor same on the other side you can see again if you check it’s and the markings you see at the moment you see only and and just have .
  • A look at the millimeter marking and you say here it’s maybe one millimeter one and a half millimeters just.
  • That that you get the feeling you broke the floor then you go maybe half a millimeter millimeter and then you know it you can place it on.
  • This is dangerous now to use the parallel probe you can do that but you have to do it very carefully so not to damage the soft tissue of .

The nasal saw we always use a tap to may ensure that the bone is really not dimension anyway it doesn’t have too much compression.

When we place the implants you have to be very careful not go too long because this implant system doesn’t have a great primary stability .

That’s why Vaughan brought new implants the progressive line to the market for this and for immediate implant placements it is working .

I should have minimum Newton centimeters talk better is to ideal is is great but when it comes to then you should stop and reconsider and maybe just drill again or use .

The tap again so that the bone is not damaged by too much compressors strength stress sorry so you see we’re now approximately eight forty Newton centimeters .

This is about this both implants placed slightly sub crystally you can remove the bone a little bit you don’t have to .

I just always like to have a little bit round edges but of course you have a remodeling of the bone actually the operation every time you remove .

The peritoneum from the bone you lose approximately . to . millimeters then clean the implants with a sodium chloride and then put chlorine gel in at and now you see the the guide .

Which I’ve been speaking of earlier and this is one thing about the system which is not perfect because.